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What to look for in a diaper bag

What to look for in a diaper bag

What to look for in a diaper bag?  Here is a simple checklist of a good functional bag that you would want to carry.

1. It must have storage space and compartments for various different items that baby needs.    This will make it easy to find essential items when in need.  Keep in mind of the things you will frequently use such as diapers, wet wipes, toys, bottle, formula, milk, bib, towel, etc..   The diaper bag must be able to fill all these essential items.

2. It should be easy to carry around and have different ways you can carry.  Preferably a back pack style bag because you want to keep your hands free when taking care of the baby.  And you want something comfortable since when you are traveling with the baby you might need to carry it the whole day.  And if it is a backpack then you can make your husband carry it.  LOL

3.  Light in weight and maybe able to latch on to the stroller or suitcase if possible that will be the best so you don't have to carry the bag around the whole time and hurt your back.

4. Waterproof inner lining of the bag.  This feature will make clean up of accidental spills easy and prevent awful odor or ugly stains.

5.  Stylish.  Who said being a mom, you have to sacrifice your fashion sense.  Pick the bag that define you and you enjoy carry.

Who says you can only have one diaper bag ?You can have more than one diaper bag the most important is that when you are not home you can find what you need for the baby in your diaper bag.  Most mom have more than two diaper bags, how many do you have?