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What is the correct way of making baby formula milk

What is the correct way of making baby formula milk

The best food for newborn is definitely breast milk.  However, sometimes baby will need formula as the main source of food due to various reasons

Have you ever wonder what is the correct way of making formula milk?

1) must boil the water to 100 degree Celsius

if you boil the water to full boil then you can ensure that all bacteria are gone.  However you want to let the water cool down to 70 degree Celsius when making baby formula milk.  Because too high of temperature can effect essential nutrients inside the formula.


2) fill the water fist then add the formula

if you are making 100 ml then fill the bottle to 100 ml, then add the appropriate amount of formula powder as instructed by the manufacturer.  Without doing this way, the milk will be too thick for baby to drink

3) when mixing hold the bottle and slowly shake side to side

shaking the bottle side to side is better than up and down.  If you shake the bottle up and down, there will be too much bubbles/gas in side the milk and that will cause discomfort to your lovely baby.  

Try to let baby finish the formula milk within two hours after making it.  Do not leave left over for next feeding, because it’s easy to have bacteria grow in unfinished milk.